Znak Zakładu Kartografii

Andrzej Głażewski

PhD Eng.

A cartographer and an expert in designing databases, conducting spatial analysis and cartographic visualization. His scientific interests comprise topographic cartography (designing and using reference databases), cartosemiotics, and space perception. He has been working at Warsaw University of Technology, the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, since 1994. In 1997, he co-created the GIS Laboratory.

He has started gaining his scientific and practical experience during his studies, working in teams that specialized in designing and building spatial databases or elements of spatial information (e.g. Mazovia Spatial Information System [SIP Mazowsza] in 2003/2004), leading research projects or the project “Budowa infrastruktury użytkowej systemu pozycjonowania satelitarnego ASG-EUPOS” [“Building the utility infrastructure of the satellite positioning system ASG-EUPOS”] (2004/2005). He co-authored the principles of modeling and visualization used on official maps of the Topographic Objects Database. He authored and co-authored GIS implementation, cartographic studies, and scientific publications.

Teaching experience: an academic teacher conducting lectures and classes for Geodesy and Cartography or Geoinformatics. He teaches, i.a. spatial data infrastructure, advanced geographical analysis, topographic databases and conducts workshops on spatial information systems for postgraduate students. He conducts training on geoinformation modeling, the application of GIS, the construction and use of spatial information infrastructure.

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